16 April 2006

A to Z of Fisking Central

This post on Fisking Central with A-Z list of fisks on THEM gave me a feeling that the Euston Manifesto is quite OK. This is not to say it couldn't do with improvements as time goes. But when you look at the criticism points together, they are so contradictory that they serve rather a proof of sanity.

Regarding the most serious point (put forth by James Whicker here), which is that THEM puts too much effort in fighting the easy target of Guardianistas and others of the same ilk: I do not agree that the shrilly slogan-slinging left is a small bunch of harmless dolts. And re the lack of positive goals and means of achieving these in THEM: sometimes the goals could be easer formulated (and achieved) when stated in negative terms. Do you see that rock, Captain? Just steer half a mile west of it, and you will be fine...