14 April 2006

The Euston Manifesto - welcome to the world!

We hope that in a year or two we shall look back at these days and celebrate a beginning of something meaningful that will help the people of good will get back to their senses.

Follows the text of the announcement from the site of The Euston Manifesto.

Today, 13Apr06, we -— bloggers, academics, campaigners, writers, scientists, journalists, citizens -— launch the Euston Manifesto. With this document we hope to publicly assert our progressive, democratic, egalitarian, internationalist principles in the face of recent attacks upon them from the Right and, to our dismay, the Left.

Many of us are of the Left, but we come from across the range of political positions. We are not founding a political party. There were differences amongst us over Western military intervention in Iraq. Our declaration is not definitive, final, or perfect; it is, we hope, the beginning of a renewed debate, grounded in a common set of progressive values. You can read and sign the document at our Website where donations towards our costs are also welcome.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we here cannot follow the recommendation of the good folks of the Euston Manifesto and close the comments - it will be against our policy, besides, we just love lunatics.

Anyway - happy birthday to THEM and ways to go!

(And the reason I have signed up is simple (as in SimplyJews): this looks like a voice of sanity in our oh so crazy days. Well, they got a cool button too...)