28 April 2006

Here's the rub: We're not illegal either.

Bradley Burston lives an interesting life, I can imagine. Being buffeted by waves of sound from the far left and from the far right is not an easy business. Especially in a country where the mere definition of "far left" and "far right" is so different from what a "normal" Western brain could conceivably absorb.

Here comes another excellent piece by Bradley - Confessions of a legal Jewish settler. I wouldn't quote too much from it, leaving the pleasure to the less lazy readers. But this passage is a must:

We are, to put it most accurately, a-legal, in the same sense that the term amoral means neither moral nor immoral, somehow outside of the universe of right and wrong, somehow beyond the pale of moral judgments, distinctions, sensibility.

Over the years, Israelis in general have evolved a society in which individuals, in order simply to get by in daily life, find themselves bending laws, skirting regulations, ignoring edicts, defying highway rules, tax rules, building codes, zoning codes, television tax requirements.

True, Bradley - that's what we are, including me and you, I guess. Ornery bastards, every one.

The text quoted above is enough on its own to get that hornet nest mad, not to speak about the rest of the article. Just look at the comments...

Good show, Bradley.