11 April 2006

No fear? Really?

The internet newspaper Al Bawaba quotes Iranian pres:

Ahmadinejad: Iranian people fear nothing

Hmm... Is it really so? Let's check. How about this one:

Not afraid? You know, upon a second thought, I am not afraid too. After all, if you are sufficiently close to where it goes off, the end is quick and painless. No time even to say "down with these cursed cartoons", and you are a speck of dust. Let's check another one:

Not afraid of this one too? Well, you cannot say I have not tried. Fine, I can believe it, this one is quite old and doesn't have a lot of meat on it anymore.

Now to the ultimate test. Take a quick look at first, don't stare, it may be lethal:

What, still no fear?

You know, dear Iranian people, now you are trying to pull my leg. Duh!