21 April 2006

This is not a meme!

I have succumbed to the plague of "separated at birth", although my level of contamination is somewhat moderate. But I shall never surrender to that inane pastime of passing memes. Especially when the mere definition of a meme is so disfigured by the blogosphere as to leave practically nothing of its original meaning and intent.

Anyway, that was an aside. What I do have is a question to the male readers. Imagine a following situation:

  • You and your spouse (girlfriend, just a female friend or acquaintance, colleague...) are in a room (office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, ...).
  • You know the layout of the building you are in to the smallest detail and there are several ways to exit it.
  • Suddenly you detect (smell, see, hear,...) a presence of a criminal mind and body nearby.
  • Your companion is blissfully unaware of this presence, being fully occupied by sex (discussion, coffee+cake, office papers, crocheting, ...) .
  • The criminal is also not aware of your presence yet.
  • The criminal is equipped by the necessary implements of murder (gun, knife, bomb, vial of virus culture, ...) and will kill you and the female companion the moment he/she detects your presence.
  • The only way for you to save yourself and your companion is to withdraw absolutely quietly via one of the additional exits and to avoid detection by the criminal at all costs.
  • You start gesticulating to explain to the female companion that a) your and her life are in imminent danger; b) she must be absolutely quiet; c) you both must remove your shoes and leave via an unusual exit route without making a slightest noise.
Now the question is simple: do you know a person of female gender that will follow your instructions blindly, instead of responding to your messages in a way similar to one of the following:
  1. You insufferable turd, what do you thing you are trying to do here?
  2. Please leave me alone, I have a headache
  3. Are you out of your mind, dear?
Please let me know.