07 April 2006

PC minds - clouded or lost?

The headline of a bizarre AP article (courtesy of Guardian):

Crowe's folk gig clouded by stage smoking claims

Looks like political/health correctness took over another island on the globe, this time it is the green and beautiful New Zealand.

The actor Russell Crowe is under a cloud in his homeland for allegedly smoking while singing in clubs with his band despite New Zealand's public smoking ban. Crowe, 41, allegedly lit up in two clubs and a concert hall during his three-gig tour with his folk-rock band The Ordinary Fear of God.

Gosh - how boring are our lives, if lighting up in a non-smoking club makes the headlines?

Now, what kind of punishment fits that heinous crime? By accident (no, really) I have stumbled upon that family site that describes the hanging of a family's ancestor. The story of Newgate hanging inspired me to submit the following proposal:

I believe that hanging the devils in public places should be the best lesson. It is time to show them, these bastards, that we care about their health.

Also, we should not forget the good of the public. From the same site:

Hangings were a hugely popular form of public entertainment. Crowds would cry and howl with delight at the death of a fellow man.

Isn't it killing two birds with one rope, so to say?

But there seems to be a catch. Another quote:

In the press at the time it was reported that, 'the fear of the gallows has little effect on that class of society who are daily on the high road to it.'

You know, being one of that class of society (the smokers) myself, I suspect that there is a lot of truth in it. The road mentioned above is lonely and difficult as it is. Maybe it is time for politically correct dorks to leave smokers alone and find some new holy grail to shriek and flap their wings about? Like global warming. Or capitalism. Or inalienable rights of the animals. Or the dastardly Zionists and their insidious ways.

Er... wait...