23 April 2006

Oh, David, I admire you!

David Hirsch is a real mensch. I admire his steadfastness and power of persevering in the face of implacable idiocy. Which (the idiocy) is prevailing in the murky waters of that new Guardian show named "Comment is free".

David published an excellent article Creeping prejudice and, as usual, got quite a lot of comments. I am not going to bore my faithful readers here with a potpourri. Just a choice sample from a lengthy comment by a person who calls himself Mike Corbeil and is (according to him, of course) a Canuck. Enjoy.

As for what Hitler led in terms of Nazism, people should not forget that he was born and raised a Jew, his mother, as far as I'm aware, always remained Jewish, and I never heard or read anything about Adolf Hitler having been against his mother's choice. I still need to find out precisely when he so-called converted to Christianity, and what the specific context was, including from some years prior, for it's possible that this was not a true conversion at all, in any sense whatsoever true, except that he was "blessed" with the label of being Christian, but which is a totally empty label, unless a Christian is true to this faith.

Peculiarly, and to the best of my recollection, both US V.P. Cheney and Sec. of Defence Rumsfeld were both Jews back in 2000 and, recently, I came across news that they're now and both Christians. Why? How? Who made this possible? Or, is it really true, or not? Assuming it's true, then why and how, and who performed this "blessing" of pure falseness?

There is more text in that post where the above comes from, so anyone could take a look and enjoy a hell of a lot more, but it's enough to make a point. At least I believe so.

As a special note to Mike Corbeil from the Elders: Mike, dear, that conversion to Christianity is a very simple trick for the last 100 or so years. Our advances (secret up till now) in surgery are a long story, but suffice to say that we have learned to grow back that small piece of skin that is being cut off from the you know what of you know who. It is amazing really - no signs of the person being ever a Jew! Now you are a Jew - now you ain't. Go figure...

In your place, Mike (and to tell you the truth, I wouldn't want to be in it), I would hold that "you know what" in your hand at all times. To prevent somebody coming at you with a scalpel. You may become a Jew quicker than it takes to say "Canadian Club". Take care.

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