11 April 2006

Hamas - opening the first envelope

Under a headline: Al-Zahar wants 'Palestine from river to sea' Ynet tells the not very new story of the Hamas' foreign policy.

Israel must not be recognized and the Palestinian Foreign Ministry should aim to establish a Palestinian State from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, in place of the Jewish State, PA Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar said according to Palestinian media reports.

So Hamas is consistent, and if you ask me, it is better this way. Their attempts to master the double-tongue politics of the predecessors are not very successful - so much for the openness!

It is another point that attracted my attention in the article:

During the session, Haniyeh announced "Palestinian coffers are empty", and added that his government inherited problems left behind by the previous Fatah-led government.

As if we do not know what is the real reason for the empty coffers...

Anyway, this declaration is a de-facto implementation of the first step in the famous three envelopes program. Interesting how much time we'll have to wait till the next envelope in opened.

For those not familiar with this classic of the management pratices: every manager must leave, as his/her last act in the office, three envelopes for his/her heir. The envelopes should be opened in 1,2,3 sequence with an appropriate time between each. The envelopes must contain the following texts:

  1. Blame the previous manager
  2. Blame the inept staff he/she left
  3. Prepare your three envelopes

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