27 April 2006

Joshua B. Bolten - welcome to the club.

We have already complained that our Eye is getting tired and easily distracted lately. What with the central location, frequented by many half-dressed Israeli girls (it is springtime here), the Pesach gluttony and the general senility, the Signals again failed in their duty.

If not the timely assistance of the Pillage Idiot (a mere tentacle tip, but sometimes valuable), we could have missed the advent of another Joo volunteering for the yoke of world domination.

Anyway, the Elders would like to congratulate Joshua Bolten, the new Chief of Staff in the land of our faithful puppets. Don't let the job to get to your head, dear Josh. Remember, it is only a facade, and a civilized one at that, of our intricate (not to say convoluted) domination machinery. This is why your Jooishness is being kept an open secret, so no worries on this account.

And if you encounter one of our real field operatives (you will be surprised how many of them are running around the White House, stepping on each other's toes), you must treat him/her with utmost respect and discretion, extending any assistance required and above that. For one of them you are bound to do it anyhow, since it in your job description. If you get the drift. Yeah, don't let the apparent low IQ, the smirk, the incessant falling of bikes and Segways and other character traits to fool you. Remember, it is all a play.

Yes, and do not be deceived by the skin color, gender, old age senility or incompatibility with the post due to conflict of interest. I believe you are beginning to think that you start to see the picture. Remember, if you do get this feeling - take a cold shower, it is an illusion.

And for all the readers who got to this point via the Google search of the type: "Is Bolten Jew" or "Joshua Bolten Jewish" - YES, HE IS JEWISH. Now fuck off.