16 April 2006

On importance of pubs

Here you can read the skinny on the conception of THEM (The Euston Manifesto - I hope the acronym will find some traction with time). And here you can see more, and quite a lovely discussion with the usual insults to enjoy.

It is quite a time for somebody to start shaking up the nest of (largely stingless) hornets that is that lazy and ineffectual left of today. Get them out into the sunlight of reason from behind the cover of ridiculous catchy slogans and sort them out.

But this is not what this post is about. This post is about the unique role and importance of pubs in UK and the rest of Europe and the lack thereof in Israel.

Maybe the third glass of the best bitter being emptied at this moment by Mr. John Doe somewhere in a Manchester pub contains the answer to the life, the universe and how to solve the Middle East crisis (or, maybe, the solution is precisely the opposite - not to solve it, who knows...).