22 February 2006

Yellow snow falls on Sakhalin

Utro.ru reports on an interesting phenomenon. It appears that the northern part of the Sakhalin was covered by a dirty-yellow snow.

After melting the snow, the result is water covered by a thing film of "oily substance with a revolting smell". Samples were sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The authors of the article followed the ancient Russian tradition of assigning the blame to the most unfavorable neighbor (traditionally China).

"This case must remind us of China who, in order to jump-start its economy, is merciless to its own environment and to the ecology of its neighbors", - the article says.

But this is no more than the usual journalistic guesswork. Maybe the explanation is different?

Every self-respecting male who has ever a) lived in a similar climate and b) imbibed some alcoholic beverage, most probably knows only too well of that custom of leaving yellow messages in the snow. Only in this case it is not a mortal being that left that message.

Maybe this is a direct message to Putin? Maybe, looking from a plane or from the orbital station, we shall see something like this:

Maybe a similar message is on its way to Chinese as well? Say, in the form of a frog rain with a strange pattern. Or something...