15 February 2006

Hamas will elect our next prime minister

At least, this is what Bradley Burston says in this article. For those who remember the last time Bibi got to occupy the PM's chair, that sounds as a true statement.

"Like it or not, it all comes down to terrorism. The Islamic Resistance Movement's day job may be clean government, but terrorism remains its middle name. It's Hamas' call. Whichever way Hamas swings, bloodshed or calm, so swings the election."

"No one knows this better than Benjamin Netanyahu. This month marks 10 years since Hamas embarked on a wave of suicide terror that would bring Netanyahu, a greenhorn politician and, until then, a hopeless underdog, an upset triumph in elections against then-prime minister and runaway favorite Shimon Peres."

"For Netanyahu, terror is the only hope."

"The economic policies he defends as having saved the country, have so alienated his blue-collar voter base, that only Hamas, the Jihad and the Martyr's can pull him out now."

"In this regard, however, supporters of Netanyahu can take heart. Hamas did it for him once. Hamas can certainly do it again."

How true. How sad...