08 February 2006

Nelson Mandela not Jewish!

Chris McGreal would like to stick it to the Jews so badly that you can almost taste it. See here and here. I have not got the time and patience to rebut this bullshit when it has already been done here.

One of the many unresolved issues running beneath the surface of Chris' attack is this: South African Jews had a special obligation to sort out apartheid in South Africa (and racism - worldwide and in general naturally, 'cos we're the Elders); they had this special obligation because some South African Jews had survived the Shoah, innit. How very disappointing it was for Chris to find Jews are human and not saints; that whilst many Jews were in the forefront of the battle against racism and apartheid - get this! - not all were! Following this strand of prejudice, Chris should be amazed that Nelson Mandela is not Jewish.