26 February 2006

Aren't you frightened to death?

Here are two pictures that are supposed to frighten the excrement out of you:

Are you scared? Not very? I thought so. Let's see if the following story will change you mind.

As an act of courtesy and following the accepted tradition, the acting PM Ehud Olmert invites the current opposition leader, Likud Chairman MK Benjamin Netanyahu for an update.

A part of the same tradition is that the said opposition leader treats the contents of such meetings with utmost discretion. And what does our wannabe PM Bibi do? Surely just the opposite of the expected - convenes an interview with the press!

Netanyahu addressed reporters who had been invited there by his aides for a briefing, and told them he was concerned about the acting prime minister's attitude toward Hamas' rise to power in the Palestinian Authority.

Truly an act of a desperate man. But this is only for starters. Let's see what are the main points of the "impromptu" interview:

  • I left [the meeting] concerned
  • It is clear that a Hamas state will pose a threat to the stability of Jordan, maybe Egypt, too, and certainly us
  • [Hamas] is in cahoots with Iran, and both want to wipe Israel off the map
  • Hamas is a strategic threat to the entire region
  • We are likely to find ourselves with a Hamas state that begins on the borders of Iraq and stretches to the outskirts of the Dan region, and to which all possible types of weapons will flow... (sounds strangely like Hamas' claim that Zionists want to spread from river X to river Y)
That's enough for now, I feel that your knickers are already soiled. So, what is Bibi's punchline? Here it comes:

  • I think that Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's attitude is an indication of a lack of experience, determination and leadership, which could deal with this problem today
  • I know that my Likud colleagues and I will know how to deal with such a threat.

Still not scared? Then BOOOOOO!