20 February 2006

Suicide bomber drive launched

A new initiative by our Iranian friends is covered here.

A small hardline Iranian group launched a fresh suicide bomber recruitment drive overnight, hoping to lure volunteers ready to die in the fight against Israel, Salman Rushdie or foreign invaders.

We'd like to know who is first in line: Israel, Rushdie or "invaders"? Will we be given some time to take a shower before being eliminated?

"The most important martyrdom-seeking operations that we call on people to register for is to defend the country in case of an attack," explained Mohammad Samadi, spokesman for the "Committee for the Glorification of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement."

It is not the first time we complain about the impossibly complicated names some people invent for their organizations. Please see here.
DWJT will suffice for the name.

After some three hours of speeches and films on Palestinian bombers, just a few dozen people stuck around to sign a form with three options: target the "occupiers of Qods (Jerusalem)", the "apostate Salman Rushdie" or "invaders".

Cannot a multiple choice be offered? After all, some of the especially talented and motivated folks may be able to blow up several times.

Mr Samadi said that over the past year, 1,000 people have registered to die and 300 of them had entered training courses including "theory and practice".

Were are the other 700? Blew the entrance exam?

"The average age range of participants is between 18 and 25, but we also get 80-year-old applicants," Mr Samadi said. "This is a way to give chance to people who have potential to show their capability to fight against invaders."

No problem. Should we provide all the necessary means of access to the disabled volunteers?

One of those signing up was Hamidreza Shahnazari, a bearded 24-year-old electrical student.

"I registered to prove that Iranian youth are not only those on the street with the latest fashions. There are many young people that dream about martyrdom every night," he said.

Surely his mom is grumbling about the sheets, ain't she? I bet she wishes he would get a girl, get a life and leave her home already. No wonder he wants to blow himself...

Hat tip: Vital Perspective