04 February 2006

UN nuclear watchdog delays decision on Iran

AFP tells that "The United Nations atomic agency, the IAEA, delayed until Saturday a vote on sending Iran's suspect nuclear program to the UN Security Council after Egypt insisted on adding a clause implying that Israel should give up its alleged atomic weapons."

We are not sure how one gives up something "alleged". OK, let's try:

Dear Hosni, hereby we allegedly pass to you our alleged atomic weapons. Are you OK with it?

"Russia, a key trade partner of Iran, hopes Tehran can be convinced to respond to calls by the IAEA to suspend all nuclear fuel work and cooperate fully with agency inspectors to defuse the crisis without the Security Council imposing sanctions."

I can also report on a resounding succes in persuasion: as a result of our four hour discussion my tomcat decided to lay of meat forever.

"Cuba, Syria and Venezuela -- which all have disputes with the United States -- said they would vote against referral to the Security Council."

The three nice pink piglets might definitely have disputes with the big bad wolf, since the wolf is a carnivore. The question is, are these piglets strictly vegetarian? I seem to remember something our zoology teacher said about that...