16 February 2006

From smoking to schm...

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is, as usual, full of vigor and new initiatives. Poor NewYorkers had barely enough time to take a deep breath in the smoke-free watering holes, and now it is free condoms that are going to descend on unsuspecting city dwellers.

Although there were no details of what images the packaging would carry, city officials have said the New York condom is not part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's larger branding campaign, which includes products that use the logos of the police and fire departments.

Yeah. Indeed, the user in this case could hardly be excited (no puns, please!) by such picture:

(Beside, what does it mean - working together with police in this specific case?)

Or by this one:

Maybe the following will be more suitable:

No, after a short period of contemplating it - no way. It is even worse than NYPD one from the point of view of ...er ...excitement.

There is a better candidate. Here he comes:

Aside of being hauntingly similar to the previous image, this one is more exciting, you must agree. Full of life, and the beak is much more impressive.

One thing for sure: this image is not associated with the bloody smoking ban, at least!

Well, that issue is settled then. There remains another, a small one, in the linked article that needs sorting out:

"That's not the place that you want people to think of New York City," said Reverend Bill Banuchi, executive director of the state's Christian Coalition.

This was a very confusing statement, for sure. What place does the Reverend have in mind, for crying out loud?