16 February 2006

Political correctness running amok

"Russian Paper Accused Of Inciting Religious Hatred" says the headline.

A spokesman for Russia's media supervisory body, Rosohrankultura, has warned Russian media they may have their registration cancelled if they publish materials inciting religious animosities.

The "Gorodskie vesti" cartoon shows Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and the Prophet Muhammad watching on television two groups of people about to start a fight. The caption reads: "We did not teach you that." The cartoon illustrates an article titled "Racists Have No Place In Government."

So what do we have here? A newspaper publishes a very PC article with an innocent (or, at least, universally offensive to all) cartoon. An this is the result? Un-fucking-believable!

In short - a lot of people have a lot of chilling out to do. As a first step, I offer this cartoon:

It is offensive (well, kind of) to my fellow Jews only, so it should make the rest of 99.99% of the world population less restive - for a while, at least.

P.S. To the Russian friends: doesn't Rosohrankultura sound suspiciously like Ohranka?

Hat tip to Jan