28 February 2006

Organs harvesting - in Iraq?

WND reports on some strong feelings in Germany toward the latest Turkish action movie "Valley of the Wolves". The Elders had a preview of this opus, and there is nothing negative we can say about it. After all, the following is true:

Ahlin Sahdin, the film's distributor in Germany, sees the conflict in broader terms: "When a cartoonist insults two billion Muslims it is considered freedom of opinion, but when an action film takes on the Americans it is considered demagoguery. Something is wrong."

The Elders will not go into the rights and wrongs. If somebody wants to see American villains killing, raping and maiming innocent populace and, in addition, that somebody views a Jewish villain of medical persuasion cutting stuff out of the innocent Iraqi's body, we are all for it. This is freedom of opinion at its finest!

Just for the sake of historical truth: Jewish doctors harvest the fresh and unspoiled organs for transplants only from Palestinian population, as it is widely know all over the fair Muslim world. We insist on a correction that should appear either in the body of the movie or in some additional scene added to it. It should be stressed also that the body parts of Iraqis that are harvested serve only culinary purposes. Jooz prefer dates-fed Iraqis, but the regular variety is also acceptable, although at lower prices.

And a technicality: Gary Busey was quite pathetic in the role of the doctor. He must watch a few surgeries to become a passable imitation of a Jewish medical villain. Besides - he is a blond and doesn't have no crooked nose!

In related news:

Today in the Yichilov hospital (Tel-Aviv) a team of 10 doctors successfully carried out a rare and complex surgery. A cancer growth was extracted from a heart of a Palestinian 4 years old girl. Her life was saved, and her status is defined as stable.

(That bunch of doctors obviously fought for the cancerous growth they have harvested. Must be an especially sought after delicacy for the Jooz...)