19 February 2006

Indian minister said offering $10m for beheading cartoonist

It looks like the market for some specific heads becomes more than bullish.

An Indian state minister has offered a reward of more than $10 million and a prospective killer's weight in gold to anyone who beheads one of the cartoonists who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper, the London Sunday Times reported this week.

I know just the type of people who are ideally suited to the job, taking that "weight in gold" proviso into account:

Another interesting point:

The new, larger reward was announced by Yaqoob Qureshi, minister of minority welfare in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in a speech to constituents in Meerit, northeast of Delhi.

So this Qureshi bloke is a minister of minority welfare. Hmm... Definitely a novel way to keep minorities happy. Maybe the lawmakers could squeeze in a new law that requires regular beheading as part of a certain minority welfare measures?

Since it is doubtful that the minister intends to pay the bonus from his own money, the idea might become a law as well...