04 February 2006

There are enough cats in Egypt, it appears!

The Big Pharaoh reports that George Galloway has been barred from entering Egypt by security officials.

I just have to quote the following:

"Mr. Galloway, please, we have enough lunatics here. We don't need another one imported from Scotland. Please return home and impersonate a champanzee this time. It might help your falling ratings."


Update: according to this, the Egyptians let him in eventually.

CAIRO: British leftist MP George Galloway was allowed into Egypt yesterday after being held 18 hours at Cairo airport amid concerns he had been declared persona non grata, airport sources said.

His party said Galloway was left waiting in a cell without food or water for a return flight home after arriving at the airport.

In related (?) news, Scott Burgess indulges in Saturday morning fisking. Enjoy!