01 February 2006

On the other hand - Amona clashes

Since Islamic Jihad is not keeping IDF fully occupied at the moment, our own counterparts of JI decided to give them a hand.

Young protesters hurled cinder blocks, large stones and buckets of paint at advancing security forces at the Amona outpost in the West Bank Wednesday, seriously injuring two police officers, as large forces of troops moved in to evacuate thousands of demonstrators and demolish nine houses.

Three far-right members of Knesset, Effi Eitam (National Religious Party), Aryeh Eldad and Rabbi Binyamin Elon (both of National Union), were among the first to be injured in the clashes, in which at least 15 police officers have been injured, most of them lightly.

If you ask me, it couldn't have happened to a more suitable troika.

"They are relating to human beings here like they wouldn't relate to Arabs," Eldad told Army Radio while undergoing treatment in an IDF field first aid station.

I don't know, dear MK Aryeh Eldad, I really don't. One thing for sure - none of your documents state that you are a human being, and it is far from being obvious whether you belong to this category.

Or that one:


Update: 12:53 Fifty police officers injured in Amona clashes (Channel 10)