23 February 2006

Separated at birth? Nah...

Follow two pictures. Even to my skewed eyes, the likeness is somewhat striking.

The person on the right is easily recognizable, being a deservedly famous and well and easily liked Omar Sharif. No need for hosannas in this case. Anyway, the superficial likeness stops here*, and this post is dedicated to that puppy on the left - with an earnest and oily look of a moderately successful rug merchant and a nemesis of the country ladies aged above 45.

It is none other than a Lebanese journalist Mulham Assir, who published an article titled "More lists, please".

It is not the contents of the article that are most surprising, it is the quantity and quality of hate displayed. It looks like a produce of spitting cobra on amphetamines. Quite amazing quantity for a relatively small article, it even made some passages unitelligible. For instance:

What is a righteous gentile? The Jerusalem Museum Yad Vashem, the mother of all Holocaust museums, came up with the concept in 1963 and created the honor, bestowed by a special committee on candidates that qualified. Most were already dead by the time of induction into the hall of gentile righteousness, but that is understandable. Isn't that the case with Catholic beatification as well? After all, dead heroes are less likely to engender future controversies and maintenance is a lot cheaper.

The author is so obsessed by hate that he forgets to explain that the title of righteous gentile is bestowed by Jews on persons who saved Jews during the WWII - for readers who want/need to know.

Anyway, the small (less than two pages) article covers a lot of subjects:

  • Spielberg, Schindler List, Munchen
  • Holocaust museums and Jooz using them for their nefarious ends
  • Mainstream American media that is sold out to Jooz (of course)
  • Catholic beautification (a side remark)
  • Jewish Foundation for the Righteous in USA
  • Lack of compassion from Jooz during World War II in the Soviet Union and the Ukraine
  • Same during the period of Stalinist purges
  • Jews who sold their soul to the Red Devil
  • Of course, Chomsky/Finkestein (the pair of alte kockers) are artfully woven in the scenario
  • Bulldozer and Rachel Corrie (of course, how can we avoid it?)
  • Interrogation chambers and clinic (strange link, but no explanation)
  • Etc.
Anyway, it is enough - that small cobra has a lot of poisonous spit and uses it copiously and indiscriminately. Unsurprisingly, the cobra does not have a first idea about most of the issues it raises. So what is the article about? It ends on a surprisingly positive note: let's unite all the righteous saviors and the Holocaust museums in this way:

When we exhaust all possible compartmentalisations we should merge the lists, purge them of duplications and retain a single list: Righteous People. The same process might be applied to holocaust museums: we need lots more of them to dedicate to the Native Americans, the African Americans, the Armenians, the Iron Curtain nations, the Palestinians, the Vietnamese, quite a number to former African colonies, and so on. All these should also merge and become one, perhaps under a banner such as The Museum of Man's Inhumanity to Man.

Good, why not? (We'd like to see an explanation of that "Palestinian Holocaust", but let it go for now). Still, some answers are escaping me: why such a positive idea should be put on top of such a poisonous pile of Jew-biting? Because Jooz care about their dead? Because Jooz care about the people who risked their lives to save Jews?

And who are these "we" whom Mulham the spitting cobra mentions? The merchants of hate of his ilk? The mullahs and Ayatollahs preaching hate and destruction? Of course, the article is not going into technical details. Nor does it answer the question, which should by rights be answered: should the Jooz be blamed for insufficient remembrance of Romanies', Armenians', Irish and other Holocausts? Should Jooz take care of this?

No, it will be useless to expect an answer to this question from Mulham. After all, we know what is the real purpose of the article, don't we?

(*) Remark: since Omar and Mulham are both Lebanese, it is conceivable (heh heh) that Omar knew Mulham's mother or grandmother briefly. Who cares?

Hat tip: JS.