21 February 2006

It's all about elections, elections, elections

Some fairly squalid moves from our PM hopefuls:

DEBKAfile reports : Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday paid his first hospital visit to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

February 21, 2006, 1:02 PM (GMT+02:00)

Sharon has been in a coma since he suffered a massive stroke in early January.

It was also reported that Arik did not voice any objections to various ideas Ehud described.

(Yeah, I know that it was a tasteless remark, but no more tasteless than that move of Olmert to gain a few brownie points with the electorate this way).

Likud leader Netanyahu wants to neutralize powerful Central Committee, allow all Likud members to choose party's Knesset list

Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu is set to convene the Likud Central Committee in the coming days in a bid to pass a decision that will allow all Likud members, and not only the Central Committee, to choose the party list for the Knesset.

Ynet learned that the decision to change the Likud primaries voting procedure ahead of the general elections stems from internal Likud polls that show the move would increase public support for the party.

Bibi, as usual, zigging and zagging in his desperate struggle to improve the polls. It is important to mention that the same move from Central Committee voting to the all Likudniks voting was pushed by ...Bibi that last time (hopefully) he got to be PM. After persuading his party that it is the best thing to do, Bibi reversed this decision in about two years time, using his then henchman Lieberman. Undoubtedly, the principles that guided Bibi to pass this motion then outlived their shelf life in two years.