21 February 2006

Dane asks to meet Moshe Dayan

We have already reported here on some loonies that feel (and act upon) irresistible attraction to the Holy Land - each for his/her own deeply personal reasons. Here comes another one.

Danish tourist tells Ben-Gurion Airport officials he came to Israel to advance peace, meet late military leader [Moshe Dayan].

Soon after landing at Ben-Gurion International Airport last week, a Danish tourist told airport officials that "I came to Israel to meet Moshe Dayan and establish peace," Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth reported Monday. Interior Ministry officials told the Danish tourist: “Dayan is busy these days and cannot meet you."

Two remarks:

  1. To meet Moshe Dayan one does not have to travel to Jerusalem all the way from Denmark. A cartoon depicting a certain character and a subsequent visit to a mosque would do the trick much cheaper.
  2. The general location of Moshe Dayan is ideally suited for more effective management of the peace process in the Middle East. Indeed, it will take some celestial powers to...
  3. I hope that the late warrior/womaniser will have time for the Dane. I hear that the virgins up there are something entirely different.
Hat tip: Meryl