28 February 2006

UN: Israel's tightened security exacting heavy humanitarian toll

The Unbelievable Nincompoops came up with a scoop: it appears that security measures interfere with normal day-to-day life of people. Wow, what a discovery!

Israel's tightening of security procedures has exacted a heavy humanitarian toll in the territories since the Palestinian parliamentary elections last month, according to a United Nations report obtained by Haaretz on Monday.

So the report links the security measures with the
Palestinian parliamentary elections. So far so good. But then comes an example of these barbarous security measures:

Israel's three-week closure of the Karni crossing, the primary artery used to transport commercial supplies to and from the Gaza Strip, resulted in an estimated loss of $10.5 million, the agency said.

The UN says the closure of Karni forced the Palestinians to shut down all Gaza Strip flour mills and, as a consequence, led to the depletion of wheat grain stocks.

And what, pray, caused the closure of the above mentioned crossing? Was it because of the above mentioned elections really? Or, maybe, just maybe, because of these three "civilians" with Kalashnikovs and hand grenades that tried to shoot their way through that crossing just before the closure?

And some optimists say that there are limits to stupidity...

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