03 February 2006

And then they came for bloggers...

Jan from Secular Blasphemy got an interesting comment from a Pakistani fellow. The guy is so het up that he is almost incoherent, and his typing style is a hoot.

But his message is interesting and an insight into the fundamentalist Hasbara. For example:

...if you would have been infront of me... i would have cut your throat right tere n then.... the ill-legitimate sons n daughters of the americans,,,and jews.....clinton himself a gay...who gives a shit to him...

Not that I have been aware about Clinton's need for urgent donation of excrement, but that gay thingy - really, Bill, it maybe a good time in your life to get out of the closet. Hillary may need some injection of publicity, and this is just the ticket.

God gives you true direction(hidayat).

I do believe I had one hidayat somewhere in the tool shed. In a very good condition really, almost like new. So thanks, but tell Him to save it for now.