24 February 2006

Green-brown liquid hint?

That report from Reuters may be highly significant to those who discern signs of higher power's involvement in everything:

BERLIN (Reuters) - A Bavarian village was flooded by liquid pig manure after a tank containing the fertilizer burst, German police said Wednesday.

Sewage rose to 20 inches in the courtyards and streets of Elsa after gushing from the tank, which held some 240,000 litres of pig manure.

"The village was swamped with green-brown liquid and it was pig manure -- the mother-of-all muck," said Rainer Prediger, a police spokesman in the nearby town of Coburg.

So, indeed, maybe there is a lesson in this story?

In related news:

The suspected leader of a gang accused of abducting, torturing and killing a Jewish man in France was captured by police in west Africa yesterday.

Youssef Fofana* was arrested in Ivory Coast, where he is said to have fled after the dying kidnap victim, Ilan Halimi, 23, a telephone salesman, was found 11 days ago. Mr Fofana, 25, who allegedly called himself the "Brain of the Barbarians", is expected to be flown back to France in the next day or so.

I feel that I start to like the pig more...

(*) Remark: there seems to be a football player in Ivory Coast with a similar name - not to be mixed!

Hat tip: SV