24 January 2008

Problem? Doubts? Just ask UNRWA!

The Guardian has done a whole spread on the Zionist atrocities in Gaza:

Obviously the "hardline response" that Guardianistas have in their collective mind is really not to their taste. Rockets are met with flowers in the Guardian la-la land, I am made to believe. But this is not what this post is about. It is about the helpful advice given by John Ging, the director of UNRWA's operations in Gaza, quoted in the leading article.

Ging said the rocket fire from Gaza, though illegal, did not justify such punitive measures against the civilian population, and the Israeli civilian population hit by the rockets, notably in Sderot near the boundary with Gaza, also deserved protection.

"Firing rockets from Gaza is not supported by the population here," he said. "One's actions must be measured against the rule of law. We should look at each action and hold accountable those who are actually committing them."
This is a mindbogglingly simple idea, I must say, and why no one thought about this solution before Mr Ging came into the picture is even more mindboggling.

So let's not criticize that point where rocket scientists are not supported by Gaza's population, after all it's a measly 70% who support them... Let's focus on the simple algorithm that will put stop to the rocketing.

Achmed and Sayed are two rocket scientists who have just finished a successful launch of three Qassams onto Sderot (the Zionist settlement, which is in no way supported by UNRWA, its mere existence being against UNRWA's best judgment). However:
  1. UNWRA (that "we" in the Mr Ging's statement must mean only UNWRA, since no one else has volunteered for the job so far) looks at this action by Achmed and Sayed.
  2. UNWRA measures this action "against the rule of law", whatever it means in UNWRA-speak, and we all know that the rule of law is foremost on the minds of all Gazzans.
  3. Achmed and Sayed", says UNWRA, "we, the people of UNWRA, are holding you accountable!"
  4. "Wow!", say obviously impressed Achmed and Sayed and stop launching Qassams.
Of course, it is brilliant and it must work.

That is, unless Achmed and Sayed are in one of those moods and tell UNWRA to fuck off and mind their humanitarian business or else...

Nah, they wouldn't do it, would they?