13 January 2008

Norman Finkelstein in Lebanon: when the unmentionable meets the unspeakable

Probably getting booted out from the DePaul university has exacerbated his all-consuming lust for visibility. Now he has found a way - after his other learned friend, who also went on a similar pilgrimage.

Finkelstein is known as a vocal American critic of Israeli policies in the region. He met with a Hezbollah commander in south Lebanon.
There is nothing better than that old quote from that post above:
Chomsky, he added "does not know that the Hezbollah arms scare the Lebanese people more than the Israelis." Chomsky obviously doesn'’t know that Hezbollah and its allies fought the Cedar Revolution by aligning themselves with the Syrian regime.
I am not sure whether Finkelstein, being groomed in PoliSci, doesn't know this, but it hardly matters, does it?
He told reporters that he thinks Hezbollah represents hope because “they are fighting to defend their homeland, they are fighting to defend the independence of their country, they are defending themselves against foreign …murderers.”
Yes, that too... And he didn't miss another photo op, cruising the cemetery of the "Lebanese victims", 70% of whom were Hezbollah "liberators".

What can I say? Expect a new book on the atrocities of Israeli murderers soon. And don't expect the Israeli victims to be mentioned in it.

A man must do what a man must do... for his income.

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