10 January 2008

Voter Fraud Against Ron Paul in New Hampshire Confirmed - whodunit?

I confess to being totally innocent on the subject of US elections machinery, internal politics, caucuses and you name it. However, the latest hysterical outcry from several sites, such as this one, cannot fail to attract one's attention.

Voter Fraud Against Paul Confirmed in Sutton, N.H.

It is a serious (or a serial?) allegation that became somewhat all too familiar lately when someone loses the election (well, to be truthful, it is almost expected in many places where democracy is somewhat of a novelty).

At the moment, the usual suspects are being fingered - the sinister cabal of "Diebold and Republican operatives", whatever it means. However, knowing what kind of crowd Ron Paul usually attracts* and seeing that the story originates from Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones**, it is quite easy to see where it is all going.

In the comments on the site linked above, a "Neo-Con" conspiracy is already being blamed. It will take only a short time to get to the diabolical (but usual) link: Republicans - neocons - CIA - Mossad - J...***

How banal...

(*) There are quite a lot of perfectly nice people attracted by the kind of cheap rhetoric Ron Paul produces. Too bad.
(**) Kurt Nimmo, Alex Jones and other conspiracy cranks of their ilk will not be linked from this here blog. Google if you want, but be warned: it could be stomach-turning.
(***) I forgot to mention the Templars, the Illuminati and the Aliens, but I am confident that being Elders' partners for so many centuries they will understand and excuse me.