15 January 2008

Stap me vitals!

If I am wrong, but Britain is really in a major crossroads situation.

The BBC reports on an NHS poll (which is a clever publicity stunt) for a public vote on whether their new website should depict the human body as is, or leave out rather crucial bits of the body...
The genitals issue... This really could tear apart the (delicate as it is) fabric of the British society.

What is unclear to me - why the heck in our century, so advanced where computer imagery is concerned, some people don't see the solution that is literally under their noses?

Here is the high level design of the proposed solution:
  1. The user enters his national ID (no worries, all Brits will get one eventually) complemented by scanning of the user's fingerprint and/or retina
  2. The software goes to the national database, extracts all the user's data and covers/uncovers appropriate body parts according to age, gender and religious affiliation of the user, with items of clothing matching this affiliation
  3. Voila! The appropriate, politically correct and multicultural presentation of the human body is on the user's screen
What could be simpler?

Via Antony Cox.


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