04 January 2008

Photohunt: Delicious

The theme for this week is "Delicious". The dictionary shows two meanings:

1. Greatly pleasing or entertaining
2. Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste

So almost everything goes, making my job easier.

To start with something controversial that some people consider delicious and some will definitely find disgusting.

Yep - herring. Its connoisseurs know that it accompanies many kinds of firewater very well, its haters will not abide its aroma.

The next one is probably considered delicious almost everywhere - a grapefruit from the grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) tree:

You can distinguish the nether parts of a would be grapefruit thief as well.

And the last, but not the least:

Even if he is not our cat, I know a delicious (greatly pleasing) thing when I see one. I hope it's easy to see what makes him special, besides being a generally beautiful cat. And NO - it is not a Photoshop job!

And a belated Happy New Year to all!

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