03 January 2008

Big moolah - here it comes!

I think that it is safe now to announce my momentous discovery that will bring me a lot of money in a few days. Thanks to BBC, I am now expecting a transfer of a sum that, with reasonable fiscal restraint and planning, will allow me to spent the rest of my days in luxury and comfort. I am talking about 130 million yuan ($17.6m, £8.8m). Of course, some of this amount will be deducted to pay the middlemen and a sizable chunk will go to the taxman, but all in all, with re... but I have already said it.

You have probably received some of these e-mails, mostly from Nigeria, that promise you fabulous sums for participation in a financial transaction that seemed suspicious to you and, because of your timidity, you have refrained from taking part in it.

Anyway, your offer would have been rejected, since you didn't know what is the source of this wealth. Now I know. And I am getting it!

Thanks, Chairman (PBUY)!