07 January 2008

When will Amy Winehouse Die?

That's not a question you would expect to be aired in normal circumstances. However, after reading the excerpt from the site dedicated to this same question, I am hesitant.

We’ll all have a date with our maker someday, but Amy Winehouse just can’t seem to wait. She can write and sing a beautiful tune, but for some reason Amy has landed in a self-destruction derby. It is even rumoured that Amy and Pete are keeping the Colombian economy going. She simply looks like a cat’s asshole before it’s been dewormed.
Then take a look at her picture:

Yeah, I guess that white substance in her nostrils is not sugar powder, nor toothpaste...
Amy is on her way out and as the world is profiting from this decline we thought it only fair that you should profit from it too. Guess her final breath and be crowned Mr. Or Mrs. Death. Winner will be rewarded with a iPod Touch.
Sounds ghoulish, I would say. So I shall skip it.

Er... besides, I am not into iPods.