09 January 2008

Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist's lingerie and some hypocrites

Count on some people to create much ado about nothing.

The mayor's lingerie is a hot topic here, with some residents upset that she posted pictures of herself wearing only a black bra and panties on her MySpace page. She was on one of the town's fire engines.
I really don't know what the noise is about. A person publishes her own pictures on her own Internet page - isn't it the said person's personal business? If someone is incensed by Ms Kontur-Gronquist's use of the fire track - after all she didn't waste any public fuel on that picture...
Lorena Woods is one of those residents who say the photos of a scantily clad mayor reflect badly on Arlington.
Dear Ms Woods - I can assure you that you are making a (honest) mistake: the property prices in Arlington will go through the roof if your mayor keeps going.

On the other hand: I have looked at the shots, and to tell you the truth, that "much ado about nothing" should be modified to "much ado about nothing much".