07 January 2008

Bibi, Ehud, and grass roots

Another day, another political squabble. This time it seems that Olmert is gaining a few points, at least according to Ha'aretz:

It is hard not to admire the prime minister's political maneuvering: He has awarded Shas with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and met with United Torah Judaism, trying to persuade them to enter the coalition. He has pandered to Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman by allowing construction at Har Homa, and met with Meretz over the peace process. If you ask outgoing Meretz head Yossi Beilin, Olmert is the left's preferred prime minister. His treatment of the media is no less impressive. Olmert recently taught security heads a lesson on how to use the press for political gain.
Etc. Of course, eels have nothing on Olmert as far as internal politicking is concerned.

And of course, JP doesn't leave any doubts as to where their allegiance belongs:

Netanyahu's associates accuse PM of blocking Bush meeting
Senior Likud sources have accused Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of intervening to prevent US President George W. Bush from meeting with opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu when he comes to Israel on Wednesday.
Looks like it is Bibi that will have to eat a crow this time, with Olmert gleefully watching the process.
A Kadima source shifted the blame to the White House, hinting that officials in Washington were not interested in Bush meeting Netanyahu because of bad experiences they had with him in the past. "At the White House they think he's a liar, because of his behavior when he was prime minister," the Kadima source said.
Difficult to argue with this one, too... Still, as far as crow eating is concerned, Bibi, as usual, never misses an opportunity to catch a major one for his breakfast. Now he has a new one to munch on.

The story started way back, with the real grass root movement of reservist soldiers demanding Olmert's resignation in the aftermath of the second Lebanon war:
Most reservsists went straight home. But some marched to the prime minister's office, along with other troops from their regiment. They held up signs reading, "Olmert, Peretz, Halutz -- take responsibility."
As usual in our event-ridden life here, the movement lost its steam with time. Now, however, with less than a month before the final conclusions of the Winograd investigative committee on the war are planned to be published, a new "grass root" movement sprung to life. Tomer Buhadana, a famous IDF reservist major who hand-signed a V for victory from his stretcher after being wounded, became the leader of the new movement that is calling for Olmert's resignation.

And who happens to be the sponsor of this worthy enterprise? Yes, your guess us right - the same sweaty and impatient pretender to the PM's office, our incomparable Bibi.

And as usual, in his haste he forgot to wipe off his fingerprints, leading all the media to an easy scoop. And quite a lot of free laughs.

Yes, there is a consensus in the public opinion - Olmert has to go. But for our own sake - let's look again for a worthy replacement.