02 January 2008

About small people

Warning: rude, full of ad hominem notions (but totally true) post - sensitive souls please stay away!

No, this post is not about vertically challenged people, and I am definitely not a sizeist - how could I be one, when my width has already almost eclipsed my puny height? Besides, vertically challenged people are known to play key roles in history - from king David to Napoleon, not to mention a certain Israeli general. But I digress - we are talking here about really small people in the sense of their puny brains, puny minds - and poisonous nature. People whom one of my late relatives used to characterize in Yiddish as "der kleiner mensch mit der kleiner pipick" or, in a loose translation, "a small man with a small johnson". And no, he didn't mean neither the height of the person nor the length of the person's member.

One of the prominent examples of that genre is a certain Mark Elf - the Jewish Leprechaun of Britain, who keeps a blog that we use to call "Jews without Y-fronts". His New Year Eve opus is a rather pitiful attack on David Hirsh and could be located at _jewssansfrontieres.blogspot.com/2007/12/dr-hirsh-sings-come-all-ye-faithful.html_ (no free links to the jerk).

He starts with an attempt at Hirsh's scientific integrity, hinting that his work was presented to the general public without a peer review ("...the academics I spoke to told me that a more usual practice would be to submit an academic paper to some recognised authority in the field..."). Well, it was, and the work is placed on the Yale website not exactly due to the author's blue eyes. Not that he has to report on the peer review of his work to a worthless leprechaun.

The next innuendo is even more laughable: "It's an open meeting but you have to email Hirsh to reserve your place. This means he can vet the attendance. That's not to say he will, but he can." What can I say? I could call Elf a sorry and miserable excuse for a human being and a waste of oxygen and say that Elf's attendance at that meeting will have to be conditioned upon some special deodorizing measures. That is not to say I will, but I could, if I were so inclined.

Now a bit of crescendo, we are coming to the juicy part. First of all, the leprechaun is throwing his weight (oh well...) against the scientific value of the said work: "...the critique might have the likes of Yale thinking twice about running zionist propaganda that has little or no academic merit. I'm saying all this without having read the thing..." [emphasis mine, of course]

Do you have a feeling that the putz has dug himself a hole deep enough already? Just wait, because immediately after this priceless escapade he really let it rip: "Anyway, I'd love someone to go away, read it and critique it properly rather than simply parrot it as this rally..."

Oh boy... He would love someone to read it... Talk about a small man with a small johnson...

When starting this post, I wanted to call that creature a kneebiter. But, upon second thought, a normal person's knees are on the Everest level for this one.

A toenail nibbler?

Here, putz, take it.