23 January 2008

Geller does Germany

That was the gist of the Ha'aretz article.

The premiere of the show, which is based on the popular Israeli program "Hayoresh" ("The Successor"), attracted a large audience (more than 20 percent of viewers aged 14-49 tuned in) and received particularly extensive media coverage.
Apparently, Germans lapped up this stuff.
On the show, 10 "mentalists," as they are called in Germany, compete for the title of Geller's successor and for a prize of 100,000 euros. Geller himself appears as a guest and displays the psychic powers that have made him famous in Europe and elsewhere- bending cutlery and repairing electrical appliances.
I am not into succession, but I do have some cutlery to straighten out and a TV set and a phone on the fritz. I am afraid, though, that his visit fees could be exorbitant and that some more expensive cutlery may get bent by mistake. Or disappear...