17 January 2008

Carlos Chavez RIP

Ecuadorian volunteer Carlos Chavez, 21, was killed when a Palestinian sniper fired from the border area into Israel.

There are a few more words in the article about this death that will be soon forgotten, as Carlos Chavez himself will be. Ami Isseroff tried to do Carlos some justice.

Today a man who came to work in peace, to help realize the dream of an egalitarian socialist society, or perhaps just to have a new experience, was murdered by Arab snipers. His death was hardly noticed, it seems.

A few years ago Rachel Corrie came to Israel to defend terrorists from "Zionist aggressors." She was killed by accident while trying to stop a bulldozer from destroying a building used for smuggling or terror attacks. Her death was trumpeted all over the world as an example of Zionist mentality. We know who she is and what she looked like and why she claimed to have come to Israel. We knew all about her views of the oppressive and evil Zionists.
I disagree with drawing that parallel and with the title:

Carlos Chavez: the Rachel Corrie nobody will talk about

I know that the comparison was unintentional. But we remember Rachel Corie (and how could we forget, with all the "progressives" continuing the build-up of the totem pole...) with her obsessive hate that definitely overcame whatever love for Palestinians she was able to display. And it is wrong to compare her in any way with a man who came to saw seeds in our soil.

Carlos Chavez RIP.