20 January 2008

Until the dust settles

The situation in Sderot as it looks to Seth Freedman. Quite precise.

Then he comes to the whattodo part:
Evacuating them to safety, whatever the cost, is the least they deserve until the dust settles.
Then what? Evacuating Ashkelon? Ashdod? A reminder:
"We have decided to make Sderot a ghost town," said a spokesman for Hamas who gave his name as Abu Ubeideh. "We are not going to stop launching our rockets until they leave."
Granted, the thrust of the article - the government doesn't do enough - is correct. But doing Hamas' bidding instead of finding a way to stop the barrages will be a clear victory to the terrorism.

Anyhow, this is not my main point. Let's go back to the beginning of Seth's piece:
Imagine a London where a sword of Damocles hangs over every street and every building. A London where the day is punctuated by missiles raining down indiscriminately on schools, homes, parks and gardens. A London where the difference between crossing the road or not could be the difference between having your face ripped to shreds by shrapnel from incoming rockets falling from the sky.
So here comes my point: imagine this, dear Londoners and, being as enlightened as you are by years of progressive thought, anti-war demos, sterling knowledge of right and wrong and, let's not delude ourselves, many years of fat and trouble-free life - tell me what you would have done in our place?

Because Seth isn't saying.

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