23 January 2008

Thanks for that at least, Bibi

Thanks to Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu and his last speech, I have learned another meaning of an English word today:


A soothsaying spirit or a person who is possessed by such a spirit

The way I got to python was a bit complicated: reading the article I have recalled that there was a respectable and, apparently, well-paying second-tier occupation around the priestesses / pythonesses of Delphi - that of deciphering their complicated transmissions for poor mortals. And the reason for this memory coming up was my sheer incomprehension of the transmissions by Bibi, at least in the form presented in the article.

The lede of the article gives the gist of the three main points supposedly conveyed by the speaker:

Opposition leader speaks at Herzliya Conference, warns against Iran forging hold on West Bank, says only harsher deterrence will topple Hamas in Gaza. 'I want to create a reality of peace, hope for Palestinians," he concludes.
So far so good, right? But the problem is that this is as far as it goes, don't expect anything else.

It is easy to agree that Iranian foothold "near the Tel Aviv metropolitan area" is no good to anyone (including Iranians, methinks, their supply lines will be somewhat overstretched). But how to avoid that advent? Bibi wouldn't say more.

It may have been useful to get more info on that "harsher deterrence" (does it involve the whole IDF saying "boo" simultaneously in the general direction of Gaza? So far the deterrence seems to make the rocket scientists in Gaza more and more frisky), but in this respect Bibi doesn't want to say anything useful too. Probably out of fear that Olmert may steal his ideas.

And on the last part, that of creating a reality of peace and hope for Palestinians, Bibi is especially cryptic. He has to be, after calling for "harsher deterrence".
I suggest we try another way, the way of financial peace, which can lead the way to future political peace and prevent the future recruitment radical militants.
Harsh deterrence with financial peace is a discombobulating idea indeed. Does it mean to bombard Gaza by socks stuffed by shekel coins? We have two shekel coins freshly minted, by the way, could be even more potent.

Any volunteers to clear the fog? Thanks.