19 January 2008

There is a lesson in it, I'm sure

A person who knows where I stand on the issue of vegetarians, vegans, Jains and other people of this attitude to life sent me a link that may be worthwhile for you to click upon.

So what do we learn from the sequence of pictures in this link? Yes, cheetah mom doesn't have a lot of time for vegans, besides she must feed her babies - that's the first point. But look at this:

  • Doesn't it prove that you could both love your steak gazelle and eat it?
  • Isn't this cheetah cub beautiful (although it's not chewing grass)?
  • Isn't the gazelle tasty graceful?
  • Isn't life amazing?
And no, dear vegans, I do not give away my address or/and phone number for free, but you know where to send your threats.