29 January 2008

Butt glue?

It is true that the cosmetics drawer(s) in our a bathroom looks like a mix between a chemical lab and Dr. Frankenstein's toolbox. But recently I have surfed upon something that really made me shudder. It is called Butt Glue and it comes as a spray and as a roll-on. Precise manner and place of application is not specified (probably it is passed on the Need To Know basis), but there is a "Washes off with soap and water" soothing notice.

This only confirmed that we, the males, are born ignorant and spent our lives in ignorance about a lot of important subjects. This is the result of being thrown out of the house with a ball to play with your mates almost from day one...

Anyhow, philosophy aside, this glue raises a lot of questions that I don't even want to put in writing here. So I am calling on an expert instead.