11 January 2008

Photohunt: Skinny

The theme for this week is "Skinny". The dictionary shows one main meaning: "Having unattractive thinness". The other one, used in US mainly, is "Confidential information about a topic or person" and I think we can safely skip it. Especially due to the reason that I don't have any of that...

The only person in our family that could be called skinny is our Chief Huntress:

She is less than half of the weight of The Big One (presented on this blog on other occasions), which makes her about 3.5 kg. But she is tough as nails (almost never sick in 16 years, which is how old she is), loyal and has a temper on her that makes The Big One to slink away very quietly when she is in one of these moods...

Here she is in rather a good mood. Oh, and while she could hardly pretend to be a thoroughbred, what with her being an alley cat's child, she is very close to the original Egyptian cat (look it up, if you are interested).

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