28 January 2008

One case of justified paranoia and lotsa comments

You may have noticed that there were no announcements from our HQ lately. It is due to an undercover operation that sapped our resources and wasn't ready for disclosure for some time. But now we are able to report a resounding success. One Brian Robinson(1), a dedicated member of the anti-Zionist crowd, was done in. His own report on his mental meltdown follows. Unfortunately, mere mortal wouldn't be able to understand the level of insanity contained in it, so we are helpfully accompanying the report by some comments.

Please be aware ...

Something very worrying has just happened in that I've received an email purporting to come from my own email address to my email address. It is trying to sell me things of a nature that you may guess at.(2) Obviously there's no way of blocking this(3), but the worrying thing is that someone may be using my address to send out messages to anyone and everyone(4).

I have a firewall, keep my Norton up to date and also have recently installed a Norton antibot (as well as regularly screening for malware)(5).

I may have to change my email address but can't contact Yahoo BT until tomorrow morning(6).

Meanwhile please treat all communications appearing to come from me with caution(7), and also I'd be most grateful to you if you could let me know if you receive any dodgy email seeming to come from me(8).

Also do make sure you have every possible security for yourselves(9).

Oh boy... it is the first time in my bloody career of Elders' operative that I have some twinges of hitherto totally repressed consciousness.

Update: nah, it's fine, it is just my left foot fell asleep.

Update 2: A dramatic development in the case:
I see from the link
That Deborah Fink
Has had her email diverted
All one-stater fools
Are aghast at the news
That her messages now are perverted.
(By No Good Boyo)

(1) Normally we wouldn't link to people of his ilk, but googling for Brian Robinson will shorten your lifespan.
(2) Well, Brian couldn't very well confess that he may be in great need of "things of that nature", but we know, don't we, Brian?
(3) No fucking way - on Elders' honor!
(4) Now you are telling them?
(5) Ha ha ha (it is not even funny, but)
(6) Why should he bother, escapes me.
(7) Too late. Should have warned his friends 50 years or so ago. We did.
(8) And how wold they know, when all Brian's e-mails look the same?
(9) See (5).
(10) This is a part we can't do anything about. Unfortunately - see (1).