19 January 2008

Not listening to Mick Hartley

could imperil one's mental balance. You can take it to the bank. Today, after reading this post of his, I have decided, his warning notwithstanding, to go and read the comments to this article on CiF (yes, it is an offshoot of The Guardian called Comment is Free - how many times could you ask?).

So my mental balance is kaput now. Alcohol in large quantities is the only remedy and will be administered orally shorty. Meanwhile a gem that stuck in my memory. It is by one of the regulars calls itself thickskull (it was already noticed that denizens of CiF in their humility tend to be quite correct about their mental powers):

Finally, may I caution commenters not to fall too easily into the trap of apportioning all sorts of blame to the 'Jews' [notice the quotation mark]. It may be more accurate to say 'Zionists' [which obviously means that it is the 'Zionists' that are responsible for all the mayhem in the world]. Not all Jews are neocon or malignantly pro-imperialist Israel [hmm... not all Jews are neocon or Israel, I see a sliver of a blue sky there], and putting them on the defensive means they are incited to hit back, hogging the comment columns and hijacking the rational discussion of important issues [oh boy, ain't they bad and ain't we rational and important!].
And thickskull is quite benign, I have to tell you. Anyway, now you and I know: if you wanna say "Jews", just say "Zionists" and everything will be peachy. Cool.

I was told not to do it, after all...

Malignantly pro-imperialist