31 January 2008

Beauty and the Prince

This story proves that meeting a Royal could still be a awe-inducing and even traumatic experience for a mere mortal.

Prince Philip shocked Oscar nominee Cate Blanchett when he asked her to fix his DVD player.
Here is the Prince:

And here is Cate Blanchett:

Of course, she was overwhelmed and he was a bit confused when she introduced herself as "working in the film industry". Nothing extraordinary, taking into account the slight senility involved on one of the sides. And there is no place for the press innuendos like:
He said, 'There's a cord sticking out of the back. Might you tell me where it goes?'
It's an opening line like any other, I heard much worse ones.

Speaking about the film industry, I too have a DVD player that needs fixing. Not being an RH, can I expect that Cate will not be shocked if I approach her with a similar request?

Just asking.