29 January 2008

Joozilla vs midgets

Is it a result of genetic experiments by Gazan scientists?

Or a genetic catastrophe wrecked by the Zionists?

Whatever the reason, it seems that Gazans now metamorphosed into two distinct species. The fist one, giants of hitherto unheard size that are able to consume 400 kg of flour daily (not counting other foodstuffs).

The second one - midgets that are, probably, being developed to squeeze through the uncounted tunnels developed into an art form by the Gazans. Here they are:

Unless, of course, you believe that Zionists are growing secretly a new genetically modified strain of the D-9 Caterpillar - the Joozilla - to beat all existing bulldozers.

The only question is why doesn't Hamas unleash one of these super-giants against the Joozilla?

Via Small Dead Animals.