14 January 2007

Zionists: "giving goal in free field".

This is not about football (soccer for some of you). The story as told by B.Ali of Kavkaz Center Letter department unfolds a new page in the sinister plot by Zionists, a "silent and soft aggression and backdoor invasion" in Afghanistan.

The gist of the diabolical enterprise is found in the paragraph:

Besides this military and political invasion, the zionists are also launch a public and social invasion. They already involved in educational and humanitarian activities over the Afghan people. They have not only hired the politicians and warlords by money, but also try to hire the people by aid and assistance.
But the details are no less enthralling. Please do not laugh when reading the quotes: it should be clear to all that B.Ali is a valiant fighter against all forms of education, and it shows.
American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is helping the educational program in Herat and Parwan province. AJWS supports two organizations Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) and Afghan Women's Resource Center (AWRC). They work for girl and woman education and empower women. AJWS supports AWRC in empowering Afghan women through providing literacy courses and health education to 100 women and girls living in Khwaja Khel village, Parwan province.
That's really vile, I tell you: education, women and empowerment combined are a sure recipe for trouble, as any self-respecting Muslim male knows only too well... And of course, B.Ali is well aware of it:
But we are everybody know, zionists are not good-wisher of the Muslims. They interfere in the Muslims by getting the chance of poverty and illiteracy.
But they will not hoodwink B.Ali, no, sir:
So it is out of question to oppose female education by any Muslim. We only oppose the Zionist invasion: either on male, or on female; either on adult, or on child. We only oppose the anti-Islamic education and brain-wash project of our enemy. It is our duty to protect our men and women, youths and children from being hijacked by satanic circle. We must save our integrity of family and society.
It goes without saying then, that if you are a good Muslim and have detected a sign of Zionist invasion on a male or female; either on adult, or on child - you should immediately call for the nearest Muslim Purity Vigilante Squad. Visual aids for identification of such invasion will be provided.

And the source our friend B.Ali uses for this fiery sermon gives more on the Zionist plot:
We do not blame all Women organizations. But those organizations, who oppose Islam, recognize Islam as against women rights, encourage women to sexual perversity, create difference and violence between men and women; are undoubtedly represent the Jews. It is mentionable that, Jewish's support to the women organizations are not for helping the women, it is only for encouraging women against Islam and break our family by creating violence between men and women. ... So, the enemies of Islam, either Jew, or Communist, who want to take our women to give any kind of training or education, either want to encourage them against family, society and religion, or want to enjoy them sexually.
See now? It's all crystal clear. I only wish some good Muslim would interfere in B.Ali about his English. I am still trying to get the meaning of this:
They use the strategy of Ferawoon, who killed the men, and alive the women.
How does one alive the women and is it good for one's skin?

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